The University

UENP (State University Northern of Parana) is one of the newest Brazilian universities, an educational institution whose mission is closely linked to the ideals of the development of the region in which it is located, without ignoring, however, that science and knowledge transcend geographic boundaries.
It is with an outstanding performance in teaching, research and extension of services to the community that UENP begins the first years of its history. With a high sense of social commitment, it works for the full construction of society and its citizens. Maintained by the Government of Parana State through the State Secretariat of Science, Technology and Higher Education, it is one of the seven public universities of free education in the State. UENP was created in 2006 from the isolated Faculties, which are in three cities in the north of Parana.


Key Aspects
The heritage of the ancient faculties that gave origin to UENP goes much beyond their buildings and installations in the three campuses. There are 23 undergraduate courses with the recognition of almost 50 years of existence, some with an excellence level and others on the way. Nowadays, more than 400 teachers, among them, 108 doctors and 189 masters,
ensure solid and dynamic education to 5,200 students enrolled at the University, which also happens due to the important engagement of its 141 employees. 
The physical infrastructure of the University is composed by a veterinary hospital, a physical therapy clinic, a model office, auditoriums, classrooms, an experimental farm, and spaces for research, playing sports, living and leisure. With a total area of 2.225.804,9 m², of which 73.837, 92 m² occupies built area, UENP also has 55 laboratories with sophisticated technologies for studies and six libraries with a collection that exceeds 100 thousand books.

Being a national reference in the areas which covers, seeking international recognition, UENP receives annually teachers from other countries, such as England, Spain, Portugal, Colombia and Argentina. By understanding the importance of the internationalization process, the Institution integrates Zicosur University network (integration area of the Center-west region of South America), a program that allows the teacher and student mobility between the universities.
Since the constitution of the Rector´s office in 2011, UENP has been growing continuously, with the works carried out by the Vice-Rector´s office, by teachers and technical-administrative workers and by the enthusiasm of its students.