The Office of International Relations (CRI) of UENP serves the university community of the campuses of Cornélio Procópio, Bandeirantes and Jacarezinho with respect to matters involving international relations.

Therefore, articulates and supports cultural, scientific and technological nature activities between UENP and foreign institutions; supports the international exchange of teachers and students; supports the Dean in the formulation of international relations policies; establishes relationship with the structures of international relations from other universities or research institutions; It proposes agreements with international universities and research institutions; It proposes policies of international relations at UENP with similar institutions in other countries; coordinates the interaction of the University with the public and private sector, aiming at the internationalization of the activities of UENP, and relate to the agencies to support the development of international scope projects.

The UENP has partners in Argentina, South Korea, Spain, and Portugal. Participates as a partner university of the project Erasmus Mundus EBW +, integrates Zicosur university network and has an agreement with the university cooperation network Universia, present in 23 Ibero-American countries as well as being associated with the Coimbra Group of Brazilian Universities.