The project consists of 20 higher education institutions and Brazilian European partners and 10 partner institutions. It is implemented under the Erasmus Mundus program Action 2 Strand 1, lot 9, Brazil.

Among the main objectives of the project, the following stand out:

• mutual enrichment and better understanding between Europe and Brazil

• increased international cooperation between higher education institutions through the exchange of persons, knowledge and skills with regard to higher education;

Brazilian and European countries, thus contributing to the promotion of socio-economic development of this country;

• promoting transparency and recognition of studies and qualifications at international level.

To achieve these objectives, the project includes 151 mobilities of Brazil to the European Union. With these scholarships, students, researchers and academic and administrative staff members can carry out a period of study, research or work, respectively, in the European partner institutions of this consortium of universities.



There are specific places for partner universities, but also to universities that are not partners and for students in particularly vulnerable situations, thus corresponding to one of three Target Groups defined by the European Commission for the Erasmus Mundus program.

The EBW Project + will have at least two Notices, the first in 2014 and second in 2015. The total number of scholarships will be distributed by the two Notices, and some types of mobility or durations may be available only in one of the Calls. For example, scholarships for PhD (full) were attributed only in the first call (2014).

In general terms, students can carry an exchange period (not leading to degree) in the host institution or school (diploma awarded by the European institution only). In the case of the former, it will be given full academic recognition by the home institution. Researchers and academic and administrative staff members can undertake a period of research or work at the host institution.

The scholarships for 32 months (for doctorate) are to carry out the full program in European institution (diploma awarded by the European institution only). If you already be registered (a) in a Ph.D. program at a Brazilian institution and wishing to effect only a period of exchange in a European institution, should choose the 6 offers, 10 or 18 months (6 months offers not available in the first call).

The project mobility scheme allows Brazilian candidates candidatem only European partner institutions. The aim of this mobility scheme is to strengthen regional cooperation between higher education institutions in Brazil and Europe.


European Partners

University of Porto - Portugal

University of TrásOsMontes and Alto Douro - Portugal

Università Degli Sudi Rome "La Sapienza" Italy

Polytechnic University of Valencia - Spain

Technische Universität Dresden - Germany

Rigas Tehnixka Universitate - Latvia

Université de Lille - France

Université de Rouen - France

Uppsala Universitet - Sweden

Università Ta'Malta - Malta


Brazilian partners

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul RS

Federal University of Campina Grande PB

Federal University of Lavras - MG

Federal University of Mato Grosso - MT

Federal University of Roraima - RR

Federal University of Rio de Janeiro - RJ

Federal University of Tocantins - TO

Rural Federal University of Pernambuco PE

Regional University of Cariri - EC

University Tiradentes - SE



Sgroup European Universities' Network

National Indian Foundation

University of the State of Amazonas

Federal University of Maranhão

Federal do Mato Grosso do Sul University

Regional State University Northwest Rio Grande do Sul

University Vila Velha



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